101 Quenya Phrases (to put on your website)

101 Quenya Phrases

(to put on your website)

By Fiona J. of Realelvish.net


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.

Last Updated: 05/19/2019

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Notes on the Pronunciation Guide:

Here is a basic guide so you can learn how to sound out the phrases. I basically used Tolkien's system, with a few changes, which I listed below.

Notes on IPA Pronunciation:

The alphabet I used is IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). It is far more accurate than the pronunciation guide above, but more difficult to learn. For more information, see Wikipedia, or voices.com's History of the International Phonetic Alphabet. For more notes, read the Pronunciation Guides.

These phrases are in the style of the Noldor in Middle-earth.

The asterisks mark fan-coined words.

Tips for Webdesigners

When dealing with IPA and special characters in general, there are a few things that you will do differently from how you approach normal texts.

English: Hail
Literal: A call for help or attention
Quenya: Aiya
Pronunciation Guide: AI.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈaj.ja/

English: Hail
Literal: Good, blessed, fortunate
Quenya: Alla
Pronunciation Guide: AL.la
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈal.la/

English: Welcome
Literal: Well-come
Quenya: Alatulya
Pronunciation Guide: a.la.TUL.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /a.laˈtul.ja/

English: Welcome
Literal: Well-come
Quenya: Alatúlie
Pronunciation Guide: a.la.TUU.li.e
IPA Pronunciation: /a.laˈtu:.li.ɛ/

English: Welcome
Literal: Blessed arrival
Quenya: Amatulya
Pronunciation Guide: a.ma.TUL.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /a.maˈtul.ja/

English: Welcome
Literal: Blessed arrival
Quenya: Amatúlie
Pronunciation Guide: a.ma.TUU.li.e
IPA Pronunciation: /a.maˈtu:.li.ɛ/

English: A star shines on the hour of our meeting
Literal: A star shines over the time of [inclusive] our meeting
Quenya: Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo
Pronunciation Guide: E.len SII.la luu.MEN no.men.ti.EL.vo
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.lɛn ˈsi:.la lu:ˈmɛn nɔ.mɛn.tiˈɛʎ.vɔ/

English: Farewell
Literal: Be well
Quenya: Namárie
Pronunciation Guide: na.MAA.ri.e
IPA Pronunciation: /naˈma:.ri.ɛ/

English: Farewell
Literal: Towards happiness
Quenya: Márienna
Pronunciation Guide: maa.ri.EN.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ma:.riˈɛn.na/

English: Farewell
Literal: In happiness
Quenya: Máriesse
Pronunciation Guide: maa.ri.ES.se
IPA Pronunciation: /ma:.riˈɛs.sɛ/

English: Go with our blessings
Literal: Go with a blessing/good omen
Quenya: Alámene
Pronunciation Guide: a.LAA.me.ne
IPA Pronunciation: /aˈla:.mɛ.nɛ/

English: Good journey
Literal: Good journey
Quenya: Mára mesta
Pronunciation Guide: MAA.ra MES.ta
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈma:.ra ˈmɛs.ta/

English: Rest here
Literal: Rest here
Quenya: A hauta sinome
Pronunciation Guide: a HAU.ta SI.no.me
IPA Pronunciation: /a ˈhau.ta ˈsi.nɔ.mɛ/

English: Sleep here
Literal: Sleep here
Quenya: A lore sinome
Pronunciation Guide: a LO.re SI.no.me
IPA Pronunciation: /a ˈlɔ.rɛ ˈsi.nɔ.mɛ/

English: Until that time
Literal: Until that time
Quenya: Tenn' enta lúme
Pronunciation Guide: TEN NEN.ta LUU.me
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈtɛn ˈnɛn.ta ˈlu:.mɛ/

English: I need to go
Literal: I must leave
Quenya: Mauya nin avánie
Pronunciation Guide: MAU.ja NIN a.VAA.ni.e
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmau.ja ˈnin aˈva:.ni.ɛ/

English: Oh!
Literal: Interjection expressing excitement
Quenya: A!
Pronunciation Guide: A
IPA Pronunciation: /a/

English: Oh!
Literal: Interjection expressing excitement
Quenya: Ai!
Pronunciation Guide: AI
IPA Pronunciation: /aj/

English: Lo!
Literal: Interjection expressing happiness and excitement, directing one's attention to something
Quenya: Yé!
Pronunciation Guide: JEE
IPA Pronunciation: /je:/

English: Behold!
Literal: Behold
Quenya: Ela!
Pronunciation Guide: E.la
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.la/

English: Over there!
Literal: Look over there!
Quenya: En!
Pronunciation Guide: EN
IPA Pronunciation: /ɛn/

English: Wow!
Literal: Interjection expressing wonder and delight
Quenya: Ele!
Pronunciation Guide: E.le
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.lɛ/

English: Amen!
Literal: May it be so
Quenya: Násie!
Pronunciation Guide: NAA.si.e
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈna:.si.ɛ/

English: Ugh!/Ouch!/Yetch!/Ew!
Literal: Interjection expressing horror, pain, or disgust
Quenya: Orro!
Pronunciation Guide: OR.ro
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɔr.rɔ/

English: Alas!
Literal: Interjection expressing sadness, pain, and grief
Quenya: Nai!
Pronunciation Guide: NAI
IPA Pronunciation: /naj/

English: Nay!
Literal: Interjection expressing displeasure, disagreement, and dissent
Quenya: Fó!
Pronunciation Guide: FOO
IPA Pronunciation: /fo:/

English: Now!
Literal: Now
Quenya: Sí!
Pronunciation Guide: SII
IPA Pronunciation: /si:/

English: Scram!
Literal: A rude way to tell someone to go away.
Quenya: Heca!
Pronunciation Guide: HE.ka
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈhɛ.ka/

English: Scram!
Literal: A rude way to tell someone to go away.
Quenya: Eca!
Pronunciation Guide: E.ka
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.ka/

English: Don't!
Literal: Don't [do it] (Jerk your head back when saying it)
Quenya: Vá!
Pronunciation Guide: VAA
IPA Pronunciation: /va:/

English: Stop!
Literal: Stop
Quenya: Á pusta!
Pronunciation Guide: PUS.ta
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈa: ˈpus.ta/

English: Be silent!
Literal: Don't speak
Quenya: Áva quete!
Pronunciation Guide: AA.va KWE.te
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈa:.va ˈkʷɛ.tɛ/

English: Let's go
Literal: Let's go
Quenya: A lelyalme
Pronunciation Guide: A lel.JAL.me
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈa lɛʎˈjal.mɛ/

English: Come near the fire
Literal: Come by the fire
Quenya: A tenna nárenna
Pronunciation Guide: a TEN.na naa.REN.na
IPA Pronunciation: /a ˈtu.la na:.ˈrɛn.na/

English: Come with me
Literal: Come with me
Quenya: A tule asenye
Pronunciation Guide: a TU.le a.SEN.je
IPA Pronunciation: /a ˈtu.lɛ a.ˈsɛn.jɛ/

English: Come here
Literal: Come hither
Quenya: A tule sira
Pronunciation Guide: a TU.le SI.ra
IPA Pronunciation: /a ˈtu.lɛ ˈsi.ra/

English: Come to ___
Literal: Come to _[place name]_ (if it ends in consonant)
Quenya: A tule ___-(e)nna
Pronunciation Guide: a TU.le …(e)n.na
IPA Pronunciation: /a ˈtu.lɛ …ˈ(ɛ)n.na/

English: Help!
Literal: Rescue
Quenya: Rehta!
Pronunciation Guide: REKH.ta
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈrɛx.ta/

English: I'm here to help you
Literal: I came for to rescue [familiar] you
Quenya: Tullen tye-rehtien
Pronunciation Guide: TUL.len TJE REKH.ti.en
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈtul.lɛn ˈtʲɛ ˈrɛx.ti.ɛn/

English: Release me
Literal: release me
Quenya: Á lerya ni
Pronunciation Guide: AA LER.ja NI
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈa: ˈlɛr.ja ˈni/

English: She/He is hurt
Literal: She/He is hurt
Quenya: Nás harna
Pronunciation Guide: NAAS HAR.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈna:s ˈhar.na/

English: Forgive me
Literal: Forgive me
Quenya: Á apsene ni
Pronunciation Guide: AA AP.se.ne NI
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈa: ˈap.sɛ.nɛ ˈni/

English: Yes
Literal: It is so
Pronunciation Guide: NAA
IPA Pronunciation: /na:/

English: Yes
Literal: It is that [a way to agree]
Quenya: Náto
Pronunciation Guide: NAA.to
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈna:.tɔ/

English: Yes…
Literal: It is may be seeming so [a hesitant "yes"]
Quenya: Náce
Pronunciation Guide: NAA.ke
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈna:.kɛ/

English: Yes
Literal: It was so
Pronunciation Guide: NEE
IPA Pronunciation: /ne:/

English: Right.
Literal: true
Quenya: Anwa
Pronunciation Guide: AN.wa
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈan.wa/

English: No
Literal: No
Pronunciation Guide: LAA
IPA Pronunciation: /la:/

English: No
Literal: It isn't so (purse your lips and shake your head when saying this)
Quenya: Ú
Pronunciation Guide: UU
IPA Pronunciation: /u:/

English: No
Literal: It isn't so
Quenya: Ui
Pronunciation Guide: UI
IPA Pronunciation: /uj/

English: No
Literal: It isn't that [a hesitant way to disagree]
Quenya: Uito
Pronunciation Guide: UI.to
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈuj.tɔ/

English: On the contrary/No, indeed not
Literal: A incredulous reaction to a silly question
Quenya: Lau
Pronunciation Guide: LAU
IPA Pronunciation: /lau/

English: I won't do it
Literal: I won't [do it]
Quenya: Ván
Pronunciation Guide: VAAN
IPA Pronunciation: /va:n/

English: Wrong
Literal: Untrue
Quenya: Ilanwa
Pronunciation Guide: i.LAN.wa
IPA Pronunciation: /iˈlan.wa/

English: For my joy
Literal: For my joy
Quenya: Alassenyan
Pronunciation Guide: a.las.SEN.jan
IPA Pronunciation: /a.las.ˈsɛn.jan/

English: I love ___
Literal: I love _[a name]_
Quenya: Melin ___
Pronunciation Guide: ME.lin …
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛ.lin …/

English: I love her/him
Literal: I love her/him
Quenya: Melinyes
Pronunciation Guide: me.LIN.jes
IPA Pronunciation: /mɛ.ˈlin.jɛs/

English: I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh
Literal: I love watching [familiar] your eyes shining when [familiar] you laugh
Quenya: Melin tirie hendutya sílila yá lalat
Pronunciation Guide: ME.lin TI.ri.e hen.DUT.ja SII.li.la JAA LA.lat
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛ.lin ˈti.ri.ɛ hɛnˈdut.ja ˈsi:.li.la ˈja: ˈla.lat/

English: Can you/y'all speak Elvish?
Literal: Do [reverential] / [plural] you speak Elvish?
Quenya: Ma quetil Eldarin?
Pronunciation Guide: MA KWE.til EL.da.rin
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈma ˈkʷɛ.tiʎ ˈɛʎ.da.rin/

English: I speak Elvish
Literal: I speak Elvish
Quenya: Quetin Eldarin
Pronunciation Guide: KWE.tin EL.da.rin
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈis.tan ˈkʷɛ ˈtɛl.da.rin/

English: I don't speak Elvish
Literal: I don't speak Elvish
Quenya: Lá quetin Eldarin
Pronunciation Guide: LAA KWE.tin EL.da.rin
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈla: ˈkʷɛ.tin ˈɛʎ.da.rin/

English: May we speak as friends now?
Literal: [inclusive] [dual] We will speak now as [dual] friends
Quenya: Quetuvangwe sí ve nildu?
Pronunciation Guide: kwe.tu.VAÑ.gwe SII VE NIL.du
IPA Pronunciation: /kʷɛ.tuˈvaŋ.gʷɛ ˈsi: ˈvɛ ˈnil.du/

English: Do I know you?
Literal: Do I know [reverential] you
Quenya: Ma istan le?
Pronunciation Guide: MA IS.tan LE
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈma ˈis.tan ˈle/

English: What is your name?
Literal: What is [reverential] your name
Quenya: Man esselya ná?
Pronunciation Guide: MAN es.SEL.ja NAA
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman ɛs.ˈsɛʎ.ja ˈna:/

English: I am ___
Literal: I am _[a name]_
Quenya: Nanye ___
Pronunciation Guide: NAN.je …
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnan.jɛ …/

English: Don't worry
Literal: Don't dread
Quenya: Áva sorya
Pronunciation Guide: AA.va SOR.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈa:.va ˈsɔr.ja/

English: I thank you
Literal: I give thanks to [reverential] you
Quenya: Hantan len
Pronunciation Guide: HAN.tan len
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈhan.tan ˈlɛn/

English: I thank you from my heart
Literal: I give thanks to [reverential] you from my soul
Quenya: Hantanyel feanyallo
Pronunciation Guide: HAN.tan LEN fe.an.JAL.lo
IPA Pronunciation: /han.ˈtan.jɛl fɛ.anˈjal.lɔ/

English: You did well
Literal: [reverential] You did well
Quenya: Mai acáriel
Pronunciation Guide: MAI a.KAA.ri.el
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmaj aˈka:.ri.ɛl/

English: Beloved king
Literal: Beloved king
Quenya: Melda tár
Pronunciation Guide: MEL.da TAAR
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛl.da ˈta:r/

English: Beloved queen
Literal: Beloved queen
Quenya: Melda tári
Pronunciation Guide: MEL.da TAA.ri
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛl.da ˈta:.ri/

English: Beloved lady
Literal: Beloved lady
Quenya: Melda heri
Pronunciation Guide: MEL.da HE.ri
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛl.da ˈhɛ.ri/

English: Beloved lord
Literal: Beloved lord
Quenya: Melda heru
Pronunciation Guide: MEL.da HE.ru
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛl.da ˈhɛ.ru/

English: Daddy
Literal: Daddy
Quenya: Atto
Pronunciation Guide: AT.to
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈat.tɔ/

English: Mommy
Literal: Mommy
Quenya: amme
Pronunciation Guide: AM.me
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈam.mɛ/

English: My son/boy
Literal: [diminutive] son
Quenya: yonya
Pronunciation Guide: JON.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈjɔn.ja/

English: My daughter
Literal: [diminutive] daughter
Quenya: yelya
Pronunciation Guide: JEL.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈjɛl.ja/

English: I won't
Literal: I will not
Quenya: Ván
Pronunciation Guide: VAAN
IPA Pronunciation: /va:n/

English: Wind pours from your mouth
Literal: Wind is coming from [familiar] your face
Quenya: Súre túla cendeletyallo
Pronunciation Guide: SUU.re TUU.la ken.de.let.JAL.lo
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈsu:.rɛ ˈtu:.la kɛn.dɛ.lɛtˈjal.lɔ/

English: You are insane
Literal: [familiar] you are without heart
Quenya: Nát necindo
Pronunciation Guide: NAAT ne.KIN.do
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈna:t nɛ.ˈkin.dɔ/

English: You betrayed me
Literal: [familiar] you did wrong to me
Quenya: Úcarnet nin
Pronunciation Guide: uu.KAR.net NIN
IPA Pronunciation: /u:.ˈkar.nɛt ˈnin/

English: Bad luck!
Literal: Fell fate
Quenya: Aica umbar!
Pronunciation Guide: AI.ka UM.bar
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈaj.ka ˈum.bar/

English: Poor fate!
Literal: Poor/mean fate
Quenya: Faica umbar!
Pronunciation Guide: FAI.ka UM.bar
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈfaj.ka ˈum.bar/

English: Insulting!
Literal: Scorn
Quenya: Yaiwe!
Pronunciation Guide: JAI.we
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈjaj.wɛ/

English: Is it done?
Literal: Is it done?
Quenya: Ma carina nás?
Pronunciation Guide: MA KA.ri.na NAAS
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈma ˈka.ri.na ˈna:s/

English: Is it necessary?
Literal: Is it necessary?
Quenya: Ma mauya?
Pronunciation Guide: MA MAU.ja
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈma ˈmau.ja/

English: What are you doing?
Literal: What are [familiar] you doing?
Quenya: Man cárat?
Pronunciation Guide: MAN KAA.rat
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman ˈka:.rat/

English: What are you/y'all doing?
Literal: What are [reverential] / [plural] you doing?
Quenya: Man cáral?
Pronunciation Guide: MAN KAA.ral
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman ˈka:.ral/

English: What did you do?
Literal: What did [familiar] you do?
Quenya: Man carnet?
Pronunciation Guide: MAN KAR.net
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman ˈkar.nɛt/

English: What did you/y'all do?
Literal: What did [reverential] / [plural] you do?
Quenya: Man carnel?
Pronunciation Guide: MAN KAR.nel
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman ˈkar.nɛl/

English: When?
Literal: When?
Quenya: Má?
Pronunciation Guide: MAA
IPA Pronunciation: /ma:/

English: What/Who?
Literal: What/Who?
Quenya: Mana?
Pronunciation Guide: MA.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈma.na/

English: Which one?
Literal: What one?
Quenya: Nat mana?
Pronunciation Guide: NAT MA.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnat ˈma.na/

English: How long?
Literal: What time
Quenya: Lúme mana?
Pronunciation Guide: LUU.me MA.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlu:.mɛ ˈma.na/

English: Where?
Literal: Where to
Quenya: Manna?
Pronunciation Guide: MAN.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman.na/

English: Where?
Literal: Where from
Quenya: Mallo?
Pronunciation Guide: MAL.lo
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmal.lɔ/

English: Where?
Literal: In where
Quenya: Masse?
Pronunciation Guide: MAS.se
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmas.sɛ/

English: Why?
Literal: For what reason?
Quenya: Selman mana?
Pronunciation Guide: SEL.man MA.na
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈsɛl.man ˈma.na/

English: She/He had too many cups of drink
Literal: She/He drank countless cups of drink
Quenya: Sunces yuldar únótime
Pronunciation Guide: SUÑ.kes JUL.dar uu.NOO.ti.me
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈsuŋ.kɛs ˈjul.dar u:ˈno:.ti.mɛ/

English: Go French-kiss an orc
Literal: Be gone, insert your tongue in the orc's face
Quenya: Eca, a mitta lambetya cendelesse orcova
Pronunciation Guide: E.ka a MIT.ta lam.BET.ja ken.de.LES.se OR.ko.va
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.ka ˌa ˈmit.ta lamˈbɛt.ja kɛn.dɛˈlɛs.sɛ ˈɔr.kɔ.va/

English: I can say what I wish, and you won't understand me
Literal: I can say what I want, and [familiar] you will not understand me
Quenya: Istan quete ya merin, ar lá hanyuvat ni
Pronunciation Guide: IS.tan KWE.te JA ME.rin ar LAA HAN.ju.vat NI
IPA Pronunciation: /ˈis.tan ˈkʷɛ.tɛ ˈja ˈmɛ.rin ar ˈla: ˈhan.ju.vat ˈni/