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Here are all of the phrasebooks. Just choose the language, dialect, and which sections you want to see, and the phrases you want will appear below.

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Abbreviations Guide: (Click to view)

English and Elven languages don't always portray the same information in their grammar. So, when giving the literal translation of a phrase, this extra information about the situation that it is aimed for needs to be displayed in order to be used correctly. So, I've included this list in the hopes that you will better understand which situations these phrases are appropriate for.

Pronunciation Guide: (Click to view)

Here is a basic guide so you can learn how to sound out the phrases. I basically used Tolkien's system, with a few changes, which I listed below.

IPA Pronunciation:

The alphabet I used is the IPA. It is far more accurate than the pronunciation guide above, but more difficult to learn. For more information, see Wikipedia, or's History of the International Phonetic Alphabet. For more notes, read the Pronunciation Guides.